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Nepal Earthquake and My Village School

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The Nepal Earthquake of 7.8 magnitudes on 25th April 2015 totally shook the primary school situated in semjong-8, Dhading. The school building made of mud and stone collapsed at the first tremor. There was no casualty because the school was closed for weekend holiday (in Nepal Saturday is the last day of the week)

Besides the school, Of the 165 village homes there, 80% were destroyed and the other 20% were severely damaged. Two people dead and few injured in the village. After the tremor, there were hundreds of aftershocks for months. People started rebuilding houses after the monsoon rain until then they had to sleep under ‘zinc, bamboo and plastics’ shelter.

As a socially conscious business we started donation campaign and to get the ball rolling we self donated $450 and collected some funds for the village. The collected fund was too little to distribute so after meeting with village people, we came to the decision to spend the fund to setup a computer lab & library for their children in the village primary school to reduce the digital gap by increasing E-skills once the reconstruction is completed.

The school was left unattended for almost a year as people were engaged in rebuilding their houses and documentation formalities to claim disaster relief funds from the government. After 4-5 months the temporary school was ready; made of zinc, bamboos and plastics and the classes run as usual. However the students had to face many problems such as intense heat, noise from rain and other problems that can be felt only. Slowly some NGOs came to see the school and one NGO from Germany got ready to rebuild the school. It took around one more year to do formalities and finally the school rebuilding was started. At the time of writing the school is almost completed, it may take 3-4 more months to start classes smoothly. As soon as classes started we will have meeting with school management and setup the computer lab & library.

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